More color and value sketches on Arches oil paper

Value and color studies (left) for a 12" x 9" oil painting on panel in progress (right)

After completing a precise pencil drawing at full scale on Dura-Lar for this 9" x 12" painting, it was scanned in. I did a bit of work on it in Photoshop to adjust the levels and contrast, cut the Arches oil paper to 8.5" x 11", selected the option to scale it down to the size of the paper and printed it.

Painting these allaprima grayscale value and color sketches really helped me work out how I should proceed with the larger indirect painting on panel.

For the larger painting on panel, I rubbed a very light coat of unthinned raw umber oil paint on the back of the Dura-Lar drawing and transferred it to the panel.